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The Webinar Manifesto

  • January 18, 2013
  • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
  • Community College of RI


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Join us for an exciting,
interative webinar with the
authors of

The Webinar Manifesto:
Never Design, Deliver or Sell
Lousy Webinars Again!

We’re declaring war -- on bad webinars ... and we want you to join us.

Like most revolutions, this one is both against something and for something. We’re against mundane, talking head PowerPoint presentations. We’re against doing things the same way we used to. We’re against working alone in silos.

We’re for captivating our audience through eloquent delivery and beautiful design. We’re for pushing the limits of our technology. We’re for amplifying what works and eliminating what doesn’t. We’re for synergy and sharing.

Learn directly from the organizers of this movement -- two of the industry’s leaders in webinar design and delivery. Join the movement and discover how to ensure your webinar experience is not a crappy one.

Based on our newest book, The Webinar Manifesto, this session will include several of the Webinar Manifesto Principles that you must live by if you want to design and deliver killer webinars.


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Meet our Presenters:  


Matt Murdoch and Treion Muller


Matt Murdoch is FranklinCovey’s Global Director of Online Learning.

For over 20 years Matt has held many strategic management roles. While at FranklinCovey he has served as Head of Corporate Marketing, Director of FranklinCovey’s International Symposiums, Director of Product Management and Marketing, and Director of Web Development.

Matt’s team has successfully designed and implemented LiveClicks™ webinar workshopsundefinedFranklinCovey’s virtual classrooms that effectively distribute an industry leading catalog of training workshops to clients around the world. Through extensive travel throughout Asia, Europe, The Middle East and the Americas, Matt spends most of his waking hours helping partners and clients analyze, build, and launch their own virtual classroom systems. Matt is co-author of The Learning Explosion: 9 Rules to Ignite Your Virtual Classrooms, and The Webinar Manifesto: Never Design, Deliver, or Sell Lousy Webinars Again!

Matt counsels business leaders everywhere that they shouldn’t be frightened by new ideas. They should be more frightened by old ones. A rising generation of workers is coming, bringing with them their own rules for how they choose to learn.

Prior to FranklinCovey Matt redefined the marketing landscape of his clients’ stake in a wide variety of industries including digital cryptography, biotechnology, commercial construction, and travel and tourism. Matt holds an MBA from the University of Utah with emphases in Marketing and Information Technology.

He enjoys summer and winter outdoor activities in the Rocky Mountains where he lives with his wife and four children.

Treion Muller is a proud South-African American with Irish-German heritage, with a made-up French name, who once managed an Italian restaurant.

Treion is currently FranklinCovey’s Chief eLearning Architect, responsible for all online-learning development initiatives.

He has been with FranklinCovey for seven years, in which time he has helped develop and launch several successful products, including FranklinCovey’s LiveClicks webinarsundefinedFranklinCovey’s first delivery channel that effectively distributes a catalog of FranklinCovey training workshops to clients via online classrooms.

His professional career before FranklinCovey includes titles such as, Instructional Designer, Corporate Trainer, Professional Speaker, College Recruiter, Insurance Salesman, and Pharmaceutical Representative.

He holds a Masters degree in Instructional Design from Utah State University with an emphasis in Blended Learning, and is the co-author of The Learning Explosion: 9 Rules to Ignite Your Virtual Classrooms, and The Webinar Manifesto: Never Design, Deliver, or Sell Lousy Webinars Again!

He also draws inspiration from his past experiences as a professional dancer, medic in the South African Army, missionary, University Student Body President, university mascot (The Thunderbird), and foster parent.

Treion has lived in Utah for the past sixteen years, where he spends most of his “offline” time with his talented wife and five amazing children.

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