ATD Bay Colonies Chapter



Overall: Oversee the leadership of the board of directors and the operations of the chapter.

  • Set vision for the year and guides bice presidents to meet goals set by the board
  • Lead chapter toward fiscal soundness, professional development, and active membership and monitors all aspects of ATD Bay Colonies chapter business
  • Build relationships between ATD national, the Bay Colonies board, members, volunteers, regional businesses and the community
  • Set the agenda and run Board of Directors meetings
  • Welcome people to programs, communicate with membership and ensure that ATD Bay Colonies adapts to meet the needs and expectations of the membership




Overall: Apprentice with the president and past president to learn the position, learn the foles of other board leaders, lead special projects, and be ready to assume the presidency in the following year.

  • Work with the president and past president to learn the operations of the chapter to be ready to assume the presidency in the following fiscal year.
  • Assume or continue responsibility for a key aspect of running the chapter.
  • Lead special projects as determined by the president and board of directors.
  • Get to know and work with each member of the board of directors to understand their roles and responsibilities.
  • Provide an independent assessment of the needs and expectations of the chapter and make recommendations ans suggestions to the president and board of directors.



Past President

Overall: Assist and advise the president and president-elect in the leadership of the chapter and the development of board members.

  • Advise the president and board of directors based on previous experience.
  • Share knowledge and experience and help develop the president to more effectively lead the ATD Bay Colonies chapter.
  • Take on special projects as determined by the president and board of directors.
  • Oversee the election committee and Therese Strik Volunteer Award nomination process.
  • Network with sponsors and members to help market and build awareness and support to the ATD Bay Colonies chapter.



VP Finance

Overall: Contribute to overall strategic and program plans. Plan and manage the chapter's budget process; keep all chapter financial records; collect dues and make disbursements; oversee fundraising

  • Help develop and maintain fiscally responsible budgets for the smooth operation of the chapter.
  • Deposit and maintain all chapter membership dues and program and sponsorship fees and pay all obligations in a timely manner and in a legal, ethical, and proficient manner, and oversee fundraising activities.
  • Report to the board monthly on state of finances and develop and present the annual state of finance to the board and members.
  • Coordinate with PayPal and ATD national to ensure that membership fees and program dues are properly recorded.
  • Help plan overall strategic initiatives for chapter. Help ensure that program and operational decisions are fiscally prudent and feasible.



VP Communications

Overall: Direct the activities of internal membership-driven communications including the newsletter, promotional materials, and mailings.

  • Develop and maintain chapter website and social media tools
  • Develop monthly program flyers.
  • Responsible for all chapter emails.
  • Responsible to monitor all communications aimed at chapter members.
  • Develop chapter newsletter and other informational items.


VP Professional Development

Overall: Understand the professional development and performance improvement needs of members and the business community; organize and implement high value learning opportunities including bi-monthly programs, networking activities, and specialized educational offerings.

  • Plan professional development programs offered at chapter bi-monthly programs (September to June).
  • Contact and book presenters / educational programs.
  • Communicate program and presenter information to the VP Communications and the VP Marketing to ensure program information is communicated to chapter members and promoted in the community.
  • Communicate logistics requirements to the VP Program Operations.
  • Introduce presenters and brief members about upcoming programs and activities.



VP Program Operations

Overall: Plan and coordinate the logistics, set-up, registration, and evaluations for ongoing programs.

  • Contact and book the establishments where programs will be held.
  • Mange logistics for programs, including coordinating with presenters to ensure that their presentation support needs are met and procure gifts and thank you cards for presenters.
  • Manage the registration table and collect fees at programs.
  • Develop a packet of inforamtion to be handed out at the meetings.
  • Develop and maintain the program evaluations.       



VP Marketing

Overall: Create a marketing campaign to ehnance the chapter's image and position the chapter as a key performance management and learning & development resource to the local community; coordinate all external publicity to help create chapter awareness and increase attendance at chapter meetings.

  • Develop relationships with learning & development and HR executives in major organizations in the area to build corporate support and sponsorship to the ATD Bay Colonies chapter.
  • Develop and maintain marketing, public realtions, and advertising plans to create awareness and recognition for the ATD Bay Colonies chapter.
  • Advertise in local media to build awareness and solicit attendance at upcoming programs.
  • Develop and maintain sponsor company and member recognition program.
  • Communicate chapter benefits/highlights to all current and new members.



VP Membership

Overall: Responsible for chapter recruitment strategy, determining membership needs, promoting chapter involvement, and delivering high quality member services and orienting new members.

  • Recruit new members and follow up on requests for membership information.  Communicate with prospective members and provide new members with an orientation and welcome packet.
  • Contact chapter members to maintain enrolled status and contact former members to determine reasons for leaving ATD Bay Colonies chapter.
  • Maintain current registrar of chapter members, status, and contact information.
  • Assess membership to ensure members' needs and expectations are met.



VP Volunteers

Overall: Manage the chapter volunteer program and promote chapter member involvement in volunteer positions, mentoring roles, and special interest groups. 

  • Collaborate with board members to identify volunteer opportunities for members.
  • Work with the VP Membership to match member expertise with chapter and member needs.
  • Solicit members for volunteer positions and committees to support chapter activities.
  • Establish and maintain a volunteer recognition program.
  • Assess member volunteers to ensure that the volunteer program is working effectively and take steps to continuously improve the program.


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